CYF+02 Sprint 2


Provisional start date: 22 Apr 2024



  • Batch processing
  • Buggy app
  • Memcached Clusters
  • Troubleshooting project #2
    • This project is designed to get you familiar with docker.
    • To log in: ssh -i </path/to/the/ssh-private-key> <username>@<IP>
      • You have sudo access on the host, please give a shout if that doesn’t work. (You’ll need it.)
      • There’s a database (mysql) on the machine. If you have a mysql client, you can use --host= --port=3306 --user=root --password to log in. (Ask any of the instructors for the password.)
    • The goal of the exercise is:
      • when you run lynx -dump http://localhost/, you will see a cute image of a cat on your terminal. This shouldn’t take more than a day or 2.
      • secondary, once you’ve reached that, we’ll ask you to hide the password that you can see in ps auxww | grep miauw. (A password visible in ps is bad for security, so we want that to be somewhat hidden.)
      • Along the way, we expect you’ll be able to answer:
        • How is systemd configured? Where are the logs?
        • Can you describe what docker does?
        • Can you describe the two ways that docker volumes are used in this setup?
        • Docker uses images. What are images? And how do you create your own?
    • Some knowledge to get you started:
      • The webserver is called httpurr, with a corresponding systemd service (httpurr). It’s written in go, and you can see the source code in /httpurr/.
      • The database is mysql, with a corresponding systemd service (httpurr-db).
      • Both are run inside docker.
    • While doing this exercise, I would recommend logging what you do.


Your product work is ramping up, and so is the complexity of your study. How will you manage your time?