CYF+02 Sprint 1


Provisional start date: 08 April 2024

In the CYF+ process your goal is to demonstrate the profile of an engineer at a high performing company. This series of challenges was designed by a panel of engineers from top companies to help you demonstrate that profile. Key skills include:

  • Problem solving - You can solve problems in a systematic way, and you can explain your approach to others.
  • Systems thinking - You can trace the flow of data through a system, and you can explain how the system works to others.
  • Communication - You can communicate effectively with others, both verbally and in writing. This doesn’t mean knowing all the answers; it means being able to research things you don’t know, and being able to ask for help when you need it.
  • Collaboration - You can work effectively with others, and you can learn from them.
  • Self-management - You can manage your own time and priorities, and you can learn independently.




You will join CYF Products as a junior engineer. You will be deployed on a team delivering a product with real users, stakeholders and deadlines. Your challenge is to work with your team to deliver a product that meets the needs of your users, while managing the competing demands of stakeholders, deadlines, and your own learning priorities. Communication, organisation, and collaboration are key skills here.